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I had a dream this morning that I was walking somewhere on some college campus (The University of Morpheus?) and I saw this piece of outdoor guerilla theater where these college boys and girls were naked and posing as mannequins frozen in the middle of various dance steps. At one point, I stood next a girl and began to mimic her pantomime and she smiled at me and she and I began to do a sort of pantomime routine together. She would do one sort of serious of poses, and I would follow suit. Without saying a word. Only smiling at each other at the end of each successful coordination of moves.

When we were done, she and a couple of the other people in the troupe asked me to join them on their tour of various Greek fraternity and sorority houses.

If anyone has any Earthly idea what a dream like this can mean, please let me know.

The girls in the dream were naked but painted as though they had bikinis on, by the way.

Which was nice.


Photo: bluehouse

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bluehouse one

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