Strange Days, Indeed

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Good evening, World. My name is Richard, and I am an Apocalyptic Rabbit. A hypocrite Rabbi. A hypochondriac full of blather. I don’t know what I am. I once was a child, then I was a man. I’m neither now. I’m something else. Put here to — what? Observe. Put here to observe a thing and to say. Put here to witness and to translate. I looked around at all the other blog suppliers (websites? servers? what do you call these online things|places that give you blogs?) and I believe that I have found one that will finally work for me, with regard to aesthetics.

I write poetry and I used to be what’s called a “slam poet”. I still occasionally slam at open slams in the state of Delaware and around thereabouts. I read my poetry aloud more often in an “open mic” environment than in a “slam”. Sometimes I’ll talk here about poetry, and perhaps even put up a poem on here (disclaimer/advisory: unless I am quoting from another person’s poem on here — and I’ll tell you if I do that — any poetry on here will be mine and authored by me, Richard Boucher, just so you know).

Although I’m probably a mite old for this, I play video games for off-hours enjoyment. I’m not obsessed with video games, but, just so you know, as I’ll sometimes talk about this, too; I like to get my Nintendo on from time to time. It’s an escape; it’s a relaxer; it’s a time-waster — call it what you want to call it but please don’t try to take my Nintendo DS from me!

Relationship? Or ships? I might maybe talk about those on here. Depends on how “close to the vest” I’ll want to be. A friend of mine described me as a private person and I’ll just say that with some parts of me that’s true. You caught me in a state of flux, world. I’m trying, though, to somehow make myself an improvement on what I have been so far — which isn’t so much to brag about.

It seems to me that as an apocalyptic rabbit, and as a poet, it’s appropriate to talk tonight (it being my first night on wordpress and all) to talk about the end of the world and how it’s on its way. Or maybe I don’t want to talk about it yet. Is there a word for it when you hear about children holding up adults at gunpoint and you’re so freaked out by the news of this that you are at a loss for words other than to say, here, look? Children today are holding adults up at gunpoint, and they’re also filming themselves on cameraphones beating up other schoolchildren.

I think my point here might be that children are dangerous. Or that only I should have all the video games. Maybe my point is it’s time to stop not charging children who commit adult crimes as adults. Since a school suspension doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Or perhaps my point is, with this horrid war going on with no end in sight, and with the bases of the icecaps cracking and a global cataclysm on its surefire way, why am I worried about parking tickets? Why should any of us even listen when our subhuman supervisor at work decides to use her power for unwarranted abuse? I’ll continue to write my ridiculous poetry meanwhile, it’s all I know how to do well. I do know that James Tate is one fantastic poet; he is one of my greatest inspirations.

I’m somewhat “new again” to this blogging thing, and I want to do it right. So I’ll understand if you consider this a very “rambling” start to it all. I’ll deserve that. This will improve, also.

Here is a “shoutoutixxorz” in the “vernac” of the hip, young, intarwebs people: if you’re jonesin’ for some insightful verbage on Delaware (and world) politics, stop by the illustrious Dana Garrett’s DelawareWatch blog. He’s very good at what he does, and is a poetry, blogger, and human inspiration.

I just saw a wild movie at a friend’s house the other night. It’s called Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism. That’s what the movie was called, not the friend’s house. Did you know there is no federal law requiring you to pay a personal income tax? Before I saw this movie, I, too, thought there was a sort of freakishness to those who talked about these issues, but not anymore. Please see this movie. Before the federal government (or your local government, in an act of cowardice) decides for you that you may no longer have the option of watching it.

I’m out for now. I’ll be back tomorrow. Hope you all have a good night.


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